The Future of Global Pharmaceutical Solutions



A global pharmaceutical platform encompassing critical aspects of drug development.

IP creation, clinical efficacy testing, regulatory approval, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution.

A pipeline filled with potential new medications, including a new treatment for diabetes, to be offered in China and the Asia-Pacific region.


The LeaderMed team’s expertise allows them to advance and obtain regulatory approvals for new drugs in China and the Asia-Pacific region faster than what can be secured in the U.S. and Europe.
In the China and Asia-Pacific markets our team members have led over 60 trials for innovative drugs; co-founded a CRO; led over 10 successful NDAs; and commercialized over $3 billion in global drug sales and medical devices, benefitting patients in over 50 countries.

What we believe

We are able to bring a product to market faster in China and the Asia-Pacific region because of our deep knowledge of the rapidly changing regulatory approval and intellectual property environments.
Dr. Joanne Jiang
CEO, LeaderMed Group
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Working with LeaderMed we have an opportunity to extend the global availability of two of our novel long-acting development products and to establish a presence in China in partnership with collaborators who have significant experience and deep knowledge of the Asian biopharmaceutical opportunity.
Dr. Phillip Frost, M.D.

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A Live Webcast

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LeaderMed Group, Dr. Joanne Jiang will present at the 2022 Jefferies Healthcare Conference on Friday, 10 June 2022, at 8:30-8:55 AM in TRACK 1.

A live webcast of the presentation will be accessible at A replay of the presentation will be archived on LeaderMed’s website.

For more information on the conference or to schedule a one-on-one meeting with LeaderMed’s management, please contact Jefferies or Dr. Jenny Yuan via email at or phone at +1 (908) 552-9052.